On a mission to enhance quality of life, public safety, economic development, and the environment in California by strengthening wildfire and forest resiliency.

Golden State Natural Resources (GSNR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation, established by rural counties, to address the urgent issue of catastrophic fires from overgrown and under-managed forests.

The preponderance of science supports the need for proactive fuel reduction projects to restore forest health and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire. State and Federal policy also emphasizes the need to increase the pace and scale of these projects, but such efforts are presently stalled without a marketable outlet for the biomass.

GSNR's proposed Forest Resiliency Project directly addresses this critical need by creating a sustainable and economically viable use from this woody biomass.

Proposed Project

GSNR's proposed forest resiliency project would sustainably procure and process excess biomass produced as part of forest health initiatives into a pelletized fuel source (wood pellets) for use in renewable energy generation overseas, as a replacement for fossil fuels such as coal.

The proposed project would include the development of two wood pellet processing facilities, one in the foothills of the Central Sierra Nevada Mountain range, in Tuolumne County, and one in the Modoc Plateau of Northern California, in Lassen County. The finished pellets would then be shipped by rail to the Port of Stockton for international shipping.

This project is supported through a 20-year Master Stewardship Agreement with the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) for all of California’s 18 national forests in Region 5 as well as a blanket purchase agreement with USFS.

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The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process for GSNR’s proposed forest resiliency project is currently underway, to ensure any and all potential impacts are identified, comprehensively evaluated, and mitigated to the fullest extent feasible.

Golden State Finance Authority (GSFA), acting as the CEQA lead agency, reissued a Notice of Preparation (NOP) of a Draft Environmental Impact Report for the GSNR Forest Resiliency Project on June 1, 2023. This action initiated the environmental scoping process in accordance with the CEQA Guidelines (14 California Code of Regulations [CCR] Section 15082). Development of the Draft Environmental Impact Report is currently underway and is anticipated to be released in the spring of 2024, at which time there will be further opportunity for public review and comment.

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A graphic illustration of the proposed process, from gathering of biomass, to formation of wood pellets, through transportation and export, is depicted below.

Manufacturing and Transportation Process for GSNR's Forest Resiliency Project

Port of Stockton Site

The proposed site for port of export for the wood pellets, is the Port of Stockton, located at:


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When GSNR's project is at full production, the following economic impacts are estimated for the Port of Stockton.

8 Full Time Jobs

$148,000 Annual Tax Revenue

$29.2 Million, Annual Economic Impact

Stockton Meetings

Check out the table below for information regarding public meetings in the Stockton community.

Date Meeting Location Recording Documents
Wednesday, March 27, 2024, 6pm - 8pm Public Workshop-Listen & Share Session Robert J. Cabral Agricultural Center Audio Meeting Notes, Flyer-English, Tagalog, Español
Saturday, March 23, 2024, 9am - 1pm Public Workshop-Informational Session Robert J. Cabral Agricultural Center (Shuttle service provided) N/A Flyer-English, Tagalog, Español
Thursday, February 22, 2024, 6pm Stakeholder Session Boggs Tract Community Center Video (Low audio quality, see Meeting Notes) Agenda, Presentation, Meeting Notes
Wednesday, January 22, 2024 Stakeholder Session Stockton, The Well N/A Presentation, Meeting Notes

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